This is me. Yes, I am standing in front of the Taj Mahal while on vacation in India. It is as beautiful as it looks.

My name is Bethany Weathers, and I started this journey to health in February 2015. I had just come out of a low point in my life, and was battling severe depression, anxiety, and binge eating. They say you have to hit rock bottom in order to really want to change, and whoever “they” are is right. It was during this time that a dear friend of mine introduced me to USANA Health Sciences. Knowing I was in a financial strain at the time, she purchased a variety of USANA’s vitamins, nutritional shakes, and protein bars for me. I began incorporating the products into my daily routine and within days I noticed a HUGE difference in my overall mood and health. I saw how different I would feel if I only took my medication for anxiety and depression and did not take the USANA supplements as well.

About a month after being introduced to USANA, I because an consultant for the company. I have seen in my own personal life how their products can drastically change your overall mood and health. It is my hope that my story can inspire others to get the help they need and to help kickstart their own journeys to health.

If you are interested in trying USANA or becoming an associate yourself, please contact me at blweathers.usana@gmail.com.

For more information on USANA Health Sciences, click here.

Grace and Peace,



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